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Alison Wright travels to all regions of the globe documenting the human condition for editorial, commercial and non-profit clients.

Alison was named a 2013 National Geographic Traveler of the Year as someone who travels with a sense of passion and purpose.



View from helicopter. Christ the Redeemer statue.

Commercial Work



Tibet girl, Manigango, Kham, Tibet


Photo Archives

Alison’s photographs and video clips are available for editorial and commercial licensing. Please contact the studio directly, browse the photo archives or run a keyword search.

Prints & Exhibitions

All photographs on the website are available as prints. Alison’s images have been collected and displayed internationally. If you are interested in an exhibition in your gallery or would like to acquire a signed limited edition print please contact the studio directly.

Photo Expeditions & Workshops

Alison holds a few select small-group workshops every year. Get one-on-one advice from a world-renowned photographer and bring your photography to the next level.

Join Alison on an exciting photo expedition in Antarctica in 2016.

Public Speaking

Alison is an inspirational public speaker and an honorary member of the Explorers Club. She has presented her captivating story and digital photo presentation to dozens of corporations and schools across the country and abroad.


Sometimes making a photo simply doesn’t feel like enough.

Donations to the Faces of Hope Fund help support the local women and children in communities that Alison has photographed during her travels.

From The Blog

10 Surprising Things I Learned at Burning Man:

Burning Man, Carnival of Mirrors. Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Alison Wright.

10 Surprising Things I Learned at Burning Man: (Written on the plane while transitioning back to New York) 1. It’s not like going to another country, it’s like going to another planet. 2. You will become one with the dust. Burning Man takes place on a dry lakebed covered in a fine talcum-like powder that… Continue reading  

Sep 15, 2015 - Travel

Rebuilding Nepal Brick by Brick

Nepal, Kavre District, Nala, earthquake relief efforts. Visiting destroyed homes on TEWA project supported by Global Fund for Women. Laxmi Dahal (21) and her mother in law, Nirmala, in front of their destroyed home. TEWA is now helping to financially support them.

Rebuilding Nepal Brick by Brick: 6/24/15: I’m in Nepal for the next few weeks covering the earthquake relief efforts. What I’m seeing here is breaking my heart, this country is such a part of me being as it was my home for so many years. These people don’t deserve this. No one does. And now… Continue reading  

Jul 14, 2015 - Travel