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Consulting on Personal Projects and Portfolio Reviews

While international travel is on pause, this is the perfect time to edit and organize your personal photo projects! Receive one-on-one advice from a world-renowned photographer that has published eleven books and bring your photography to the next level. Consulting on personal projects and portfolio review appointments available directly through the studio. Discounts available for those who have previously been in workshops or traveled with Alison on her photo tours. info@alisonwright.com

Creating Social Change Through Photography
May 10 - May 27, 2021
Santa Fe Photographic Workshops-Virtual

When we hear that 300,000 people have died in an earthquake in Haiti, or that over a million Rohingya refugees are displaced in Bangladesh, it can simply be too much for our minds to comprehend. Yet that doesn’t deter us from wanting to engage and help out. As photographers we often ask the question, how do we create images that make people care?

Humanitarian documentary photographer Alison Wright has spent a career finding compassion and hope in a world of chaos, and in this three-week online workshop she helps you explore the connection of the universal human spirit and express it through documentary imagery. Fully immersing ourselves in this process requires a dance of vulnerability, and the first step is learning how to build relationships based on dignity and respect.

During stimulating lectures, assignments, and image reviews, we discover the art of creating intimate yet compelling images using light, composition, approach, and emotion to enhance our storytelling techniques. This is an opportunity to find and create photos for social change within your own community.

Alison guides you in uncovering a compelling documentary story that is of interest within your community. The world has historically been affected by recent health, economic and political ramifications, and now is an opportune time to discover and explore creating social change through your photography. Possible stories include following a family and see how they are being impacted by the pandemic and its economic fallout; or documenting essential workers, educational institutions, food banks, and local protests.

Break out your camera and engage your heart as you create visual stories that give voice to the experiences of others under the watchful eye of Alison and the support and encouragement from the other photographers in this online adventure.

Additional Information

Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs

All camera formats are welcome. Participants must be able to download, select, and transfer images to their own jump drive for class each day.

Class will meet 9:30-11:30 am (Mountain Time) on Mondays and Thursdays starting March 8 and ending March 25 (six online group sessions). Enrollment is limited to 12 participants.

Zoom Video Conferencing software (available for no charge from Zoom.com) will be used to facilitate the class sessions. Further details will be emailed to registrants.

Photo Excursion by Land Across Central Asia & Silk Road-The Five 'Stans
September 16 - October 1, 2021
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan

Photo Excursion by land across Central Asia & Silk Road, the five ‘Stans.
Few have come this way, those that did, made history with the exchange of ideas and technology between east and west. Traversed by the caravans of the Silk Road, Central Asia played a key role in the history of mankind. Largely forgotten in modern times the vastness of Central Asia await the adventurous traveler. This trip is an immersion in geography and culture with an emphasis on photography. This is a small, unique, personalized trip with only a few open slots.
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National Geographic/Lindblad Vietnam Costal Voyage: From Ha Long Bay to Ho Chi Minh City
October 15 - October 28, 2021
Vietnam Costal Voyage: From Ha Long Bay to Ho Chi Minh City

~Watch the sunrise over fantastical limestone formations while cruising in a traditional-style junk boat on the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ha Long Bay.
~Walk through the elaborate tunnel system of Vinh Moc, a safe harbor dug by locals during wartime.
~Explore the palaces and ornate temples of Hue, and visit the humble home of Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi.
~Walk atop the massive sand dune of beautiful Van Phong Bay, and go kayaking among the mangroves in Con Dao National Park.

National Geographic/Lindblad: Culture and Cuisine: From Oporto to Basque Country by Sea
April 8 - April 14, 2022
Porto, Portugal to Bordeaux, France

Set sail from Lisbon, tracing the Iberian coast to the Bay of Biscay and exploring historic cities and age-old cultures along the way. Meet the port-makers of Porto and discover the gems of this historic city. In Galicia, meet fishermen and musicians and soak up the tranquil beauty of the landscape. Encounter the fabulous architecture that has transformed the port city of Bilbao. Then head deep into Basque country in both France and Spain, exploring markets, villages, music, and cuisine.

National Geographic/Lindblad: Medieval to Modern: Tracing History from Bordeaux to Dublin by Sea
April 13 - April 19, 2022
Bordeaux, France to Dublin, Ireland

Explore fascinating chapters in European history as well as marvels of nature on a voyage from the wine country capital of Bordeaux to the shores of Ireland. Along the gorgeous coast of Brittany, discover the wild splendor of Belle-Île-en-Mer and venture into historic outposts of Saint-Malo and Mont-Saint-Michel. Then cross to the England’s Isles of Scilly, home to seabirds, subtropical flowers, and some of England’s loveliest beaches. Visit Ireland’s past in the maritime hub of Cobh before tracing the coast to Dublin.

National Geographic/Lindblad: Wild Isles: A Voyage to the Rugged Coasts of Scotland and Ireland
April 18 - April 24, 2022
Iona, Scotland to Bergen, Norway

Ride Zodiacs into Fingal’s Cave on Scotland’s Staffa Islands to see its remarkable geometric basalt columns or climb atop it to meet curious puffins.
Spend a day discovering the captivating landscapes of the Isle of Skye, scattered with prehistoric sites and steeped in legend.
Explore the Stone Age sites of Orkney, from the Ring of Brodgar to the Neolithic settlement of Skara Brae.
Experience the windswept beauty of the Shetland Islands, and visit the 4,000-year-old seaside ruins of Jarlshof.

About Workshops

Consulting on personal projects and portfolio review appointments available directly through the studio. info@alisonwright.com

Join Alison in a unique opportunity to bring your photography to the next level. Whether you are considering becoming a professional photographer or just interested in how to take better photographs, these global workshops, photo seminars and travel photo expeditions can help you achieve your goals.

When you join Alison on the road or in a workshop you can experience first hand how a world-renowned photographer works in the field.

By keeping the groups small and intimate, Alison is able to work on an individual basis to give one-on-one pointers and advice. We will spend days photographing in the field, as well as engage in group critiques and personal portfolio reviews.

Please watch this website for updates.

Alison Wright photographer leading a workshop

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