05 April 2015

National Geographic Proof

Ballet shoes frozen in ice in the streets of New York City.

I was out running on the crowded streets of New York City when this subtle peach color in slushy snow caught my eye. I stopped and realized it was a pair of ballet shoes fully frozen and embedded in the ice. People were hustling past me with quizzical looks as to why I’d stopped to photograph a seemingly obscure block of dirty ice, but once I got home I thought it really was quite a pretty picture. As a photographer, no matter what I’m doing I always have my eyes open for those sublime images that are unwittingly waiting to unfold before me.


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1 comment

  1. Helen Stearns

    love this!! sign me up because someday I want to be doing this same thing! I’m a nurse and would love to somehow combine my love for photography and travel with my passion for people and medicine.