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The Basics of Photojournalism

The Basics of Photojournalism

Photographing for Non-Profit Organizations

Photographing for Non-Profit Organizations

“Human Tribe” photo book released

My new photography book, “Human Tribe,” is now available. This intimate photography book of 170 color global portraits celebrates the diversity and connectivity of our beautiful and unique human tapestry. It is available through Amazon and your local bookstores. Book launch at Rizolli, New York City November 6, 6-8 pm. Open to the public. Find… Continue reading  

National Geographic Proof

I was out running on the crowded streets of New York City when this subtle peach color in slushy snow caught my eye. I stopped and realized it was a pair of ballet shoes fully frozen and embedded in the ice. People were hustling past me with quizzical looks as to why I’d stopped to… Continue reading  

Celebrating International Woman’s Day

I spent most of last year in Africa photographing women of remarkable tenacity and resiliency. I met women who are struggling to reclaim their lives and mental health after a twenty-five year period of war and conflict in Uganda, the Congo where a woman is raped literally every minute, South Sudan where women are rebuilding… Continue reading  

Travel Tips From the Master of Disaster

We all hope that our trips will go of without a hitch (barring the fact that when things go awry, we end up with the best travel tales). Working as a photojournalist, I’ve traveled to nearly 150 countries and, while I love my job, I’ve had my share of lost bags and missed fights—and I’ve… Continue reading  

Tibet girl photo makes Taschen’s book cover “Celebrating 125 Years of National Geographic”

Tibet girl, a nomadic girl I photographed in Kham, eastern Tibet, has become one of my most iconic images. Her photo was published in the National Geographic magazine and later even made the magazine cover celebrating 125 years of National Geographic. Most recently her photo was chosen as the cover of Taschen’s book “Around the… Continue reading  

Release of new book “Face to Face: Portraits of the Human Spirit”

These portraits are an unguarded moment in the lives of a few of the people I’ve photographed from our remarkable human tapestry. Some are celebrating significant events, while others are simply living out ordinary days. Others are merely struggling to survive. Many are from countries whose lives are in flux or change due to war,… Continue reading  

Alison Wright Awarded Jumeirah Essex House Artist in Residence

Watch this video featuring the talented artists who have been deemed Jumeirah Essex House artists in residence in New York City, including Alison, the most recently awarded artist to date.

Release of National Geographic Traveler China

Photos by Alison Wright. Visit the archives to view photos.