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World Nomads Photo Contest

World Nomads Photo Contest. I am honored to be one of the judges who will choose an aspiring photographer to win a ten-day all expense paid travel photography trip to Morocco with World Nomads. Deadline October 11, 2018.

Premier Traveler Magazine interview: Most Compelling Woman in the Travel Industry, October/November 2015

Premier Traveler Magazine To see full article please visit pages 46-47.

10 Surprising Things I Learned at Burning Man

10 Surprising Things I Learned at Burning Man: (Written on the plane while transitioning back to New York) 1. It’s not like going to another country, it’s like going to another planet. 2. You will become one with the dust. Burning Man takes place on a dry lakebed covered in a fine talcum-like powder that… Continue reading  

Rebuilding Nepal Brick by Brick

Rebuilding Nepal Brick by Brick: 6/24/15: I’m in Nepal for the next few weeks covering the earthquake relief efforts. What I’m seeing here is breaking my heart, this country is such a part of me being as it was my home for so many years. These people don’t deserve this. No one does. And now… Continue reading  

Honoring a 25 year old photo

I photographed this timeless book cover photo in 1990, 25 years ago. Today I’m honoring it’s anniversary and a precious moment in the lives of these girls as well as my own. I was living as an expat in Nepal, some of my happiest years. The two sisters, Sihaile (25) & Kamari (18) grace the… Continue reading  

The Dalai Lama Visits Washington, DC

The Dalai Lama stepped down as Tibet’s political leader this year, to focus on being “a simple Buddhist monk,” and to support the creation of a more democratic government in exile for his Tibetan people. For ten days he led the Buddhist Kalachakra teachings in Washington, DC, which includes sacred Tibetan dance, and the intricate… Continue reading  

Mighty Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

I came to Mongolia to photograph the Kazakhs with their mighty hunting eagles. I headed to the Altai mountain eagle festival in the western region where they show them off once a year, every October. On the way, my translator, Urnaa, and I, stopped to stay with a nomadic family. The ger was covered in… Continue reading  

The Spirit of the Sepik in Papua New Guinea

  While thumbing through the Port Moresby Post-Courier newspaper on my flight down to the Sepik River, my eyes fell to the headline under Positions Vacant on the Careers page: “Head Hunters.” Noting the headhunters@global email, I was relieved to see it followed by an ANZ bank symbol, and not an actual ad for those degreed… Continue reading  

Hope for Haiti

I’ve recently returned from my second trip to Haiti. Thanks to all of you who made generous donations to my Faces of Hope Fund. Due to your generous support we were able to supply a few thousand dollars towards much needed tents. I’ve covered the aftermath of the tsunami in Sri Lanka and Katrina, yet… Continue reading  

Cuba Connection

Any destination that holds a ban for American visitors can’t help but carry an allure.  Just the mention of Cuba will inevitably generate an interest in what has become a mythical destination for many. I found it unusual to travel to a place that hosted tourists from all over the world, although has remained staunchly untouched… Continue reading