Babies after the earthquake, Haiti/Direct Relief International
Women affected by war, Uganda/PCAF
Pregnant woman & healthcare, Liberia/BRAC
Red Cross Center, Kabul, Afghanistan
Red Cross Rehabiliation Center, Kabul, Afghanistan
Women workers in brick factory, Rwanda/Women for Women Int'l
Healthcare workers in Liberia, Africa/BRAC
Women learning numeracy, the Congo/Women for Women Int'l
After the earthquake, Haiti/Direct Relief International
Woman who lost three children to tsunami, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka
Women earn $1 a day collecting recycling, Granada, Nicaragua
Foodbank, Appalachia, Ohio/Children's Defense Fund
Students at Shaidan school, Afghanistan
Families of migrant workers, Rio Grande Valley, Texas/Children's Defense Fund
Boy reading braille, Cavre District, Nepal/Helen Keller Foundation
Colins in school, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa/Kids to Kids
Women affected by war, Gulu, Uganda/PCAF
Migrant workers in Rio Grande Valley, Texas/Children's Defense Fund
Women artisans weaving at home, Swaziland, Africa/Nest
Woman tending her chicken business, Tanzania/BRAC
Girls at Markaz Girls High school, Afghanistan
Women working in agriculture, Uganda, Africa/BRAC
Woman's store built from micro finance loan, Liberia, Africa/BRAC
Woman raising goats at home, S.Sudan/BRAC
Priest blessing mass graves after earthquake, Haiti/Direct Relief International


Much of Alison’s photography is focused on post-conflict, disaster relief and human rights issues. Clients include UNICEF, US AID, Save the Children, CARE, Children’s Defense Fund, BRAC, Women for Women, FINCA International, ILO, SEVA, Direct Relief International, Global Fund for Children, Nest, SNV World, Helen Keller, Peter C. Alderman Foundation, Center for Neglected Diseases and Global Fund for Women.